Guide to hiring a skip bin

Skip bins offer convenient waste disposal for residential and commercial properties. The following tips will help guide you in the hire of a skip bin that meets your requirements.

Cost of hire

When enquiring about skip bin hire, you should get a few price quotes before making the final decision. Price quotes depend on the size of skip bin, the duration of hire and, at times, the disposal of waste. Skip bin sizes vary in cubic metres. Generally, the bigger the size, the more expensive the bin is to hire. You will find that different companies charge various prices for the same size of bins. You need to estimate the volume of waste you expect and the length of time for which you intend to use the bin. If you need a bin for a long time, you can ask for a discount. If you are uncertain of the skip bin size, it is advisable to hire a large bin. It is cheaper to engage a larger container than two small skip bins.

Type of skip bin

Skip bins are available in different types. It is essential that you hire the right kind of skip bin to ensure you meet regulations and that your waste is collected. The type of garbage you have will determine the type of skip bin you need. Skip bins are available for construction waste, green waste and light waste. These bins have weight restrictions which will determine the size of skip you need. One type of skip bin available for hire is the marrel skip bin with high sides. Mobile skips are also popular due to their portability. Try hiring mixed waste bins that allow you to dispose of different types of waste.

Location of skip

Before hiring a skip, ensure you have a place in mind for its positioning. The position should be strategic and accessible to enable easy loading. The best location for a skip bin is on the front lawn or driveway. The location ensures you are within the city's law and prevents the dumping of waste by your neighbours. Ensure that the site of the bin will allow for smooth delivery and pickup. Note that some cities require permits for positioning a skip on the road. These permits are processed in a few days and it may hold up the delivery of the skip. Apply for the license ahead of time to reduce delays.

For more information about skip bin garbage removal, speak to a removal service near you, such as All Types of Rubbish.