Important Facts to Know About Recycling

You want to do your part like everyone else to help the environment by making sure your recycling is separated and put where it goes. There are some things that people may not know or have forgotten. Here are some important facts to know about recycling. What to Put in Your Recycle Bins Most metal, glass, plastic and paper can be placed in the appropriate bins. These items can include beverage cans, glass jars, juice bottles and cereal boxes.

Easy Ways to Make Sharps Collection Safer

Managing a clinical environment gives you plenty of opportunities to restore people to a better state of health. However, with this privilege comes risks, especially when you're managing bodily fluids. From needles through to cannulas, the use of sharps collection allows you to safely dispose of hazardous materials. Doing so doesn't just ensure you adhere to local laws, it keeps you, your staff, and your patients safe. To make the most of such services, there are certain approaches you can take.