Mini Skip Bin Hire: Your Ultimate Solution to Household Waste Disposal

Spoiled groceries, a broken blender, a non-functioning car battery, old books and other household waste may all need to find their way out of your house, yet you may not know how to dispose of them correctly. When it comes to disposal of regular household rubbish, it is best for you to rent mini skip bins, and here are a couple of good reasons to explain why.

There's something for everything

Mini skip bin rental companies acknowledge the important fact that not all residential waste substances are the same. That is why they usually offer residential clients different types of skip bins to meet different waste disposal requirements.

Food leftovers and garden rubbish such as dried leaves and branches can be put into mini skip bins meant for disposing 'green' waste because these types of waste items are biodegradable. Non-biodegradable waste items such as plastic bags and containers can be placed in separate bins so that they can be taken to recycling centres for recycling. And, if you have any hazardous waste like aerosol cans that you need disposed of, you can order specifically designed skip bins to ensure that the cans do not get mixed up with non-hazardous waste items.

Therefore, by opting for mini skip bin hire, you can rest assured knowing that there is always something appropriate for the job no matter the type of waste you want to remove from your home.


You will want to keep your household expenses at a minimum, especially when you are ridding your home of unwanted stuff. Rental mini skip bins are not only beneficial because they can accommodate all manner of waste, but also because they come in a range of sizes so that you can pay for just what you need to meet your garbage disposal requirements.

The best part is that the cost of skip bin hire is usually predetermined, so you will know what you are supposed to pay well in advance and can therefore make sure you're willing to pay that amount.


Unlike large skip bins, which are heavy and can be rather difficult to move around once they have been placed at a certain desirable location, mini skip bins can be wheeled to ensure ease of movement. Hence, you can go about your garbage removal project without having to carry a heavy skip bin around.

With these benefits, you can be sure of getting the most value from your rented mini skip bins. Contact a company like McSkips Bin Hire Service to see the various options available.